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  •  You have a cash PT clinic or you are trying to increase the % of cash paying clients in your practice.
  • You are motivated by more than money and want to create a true legacy for your work.
  •  Your clinic is already successful but you're ready to take it to the next level.
  •  You have aspirations of having multiple practices or multiple PTs working for your company.
  •  You have a burning desire to scale your business and positively impact more people with your services.
  •  You currently have a side hustle clinic and you want to grow it into your full time business.
  •  You're just getting started in a cash practice and you want to take the fastest possible path to success.
  •  You want a high volume insurance taking practice.
  •  You don't have integrity and rarely keep your word.
  •  You have no aspirations of growing a company past just yourself.
  •  You are not willing to reinvest in yourself both monetarily and with your time.
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A 20-30 minute long interview call is required as the final step in acceptance into the mastermind.
Don't believe me, believe them...
I started Athletes' Potential in 2014 in a dark, windowless room in the corner of a CrossFit gym.
I grew this company from nothing to having 6 full time employees, 2 locations and generating over $600,000 in revenue in 2018.
All of this while still remaining a 100% cash PT practice.

Now I have a true business that generates revenue while I'm there or not.
I want to help you get to the same place and even more successful than I have been able to become.
There's a catch.
...It's really hard to get accepted.

Just because you have the money and a clinic, doesn't mean you get in.

I don't care what your accomplishments have been so far or how many letters you have behind your name.
What I do care about is your vision and your commitment to making it happen.

I believe cash PT practices have the ability to change so many lives.
In order for that to happen, you need to get as many patients in your clinic as possible.

....and you need to stop running yourself into the ground in the process.

You owe it to your patients, your family and YOURSELF.

It's time to go all in.

I can help you do this.
Here's What's Included
Private VIP Facebook Group
Monthly Q/A, hot seats and masterclasses will be held to help you progress your business in every way.
Danny and his team of amazing business coaches will cover all your questions and help you avoid costly mistakes.
You'd also be amazed at how much you can learn when you hear what other people are struggling with.
Monthly Accountability Calls
It's so difficult to figure out how to be successful in business on your own.
This is why accountability and having a support system can make such a huge difference.
Every month, you'll be required to take part in an accountability call where you'll share how your business is doing and what goals you have for the next month.
If you don't accomplish these goals, you have to explain why. If you need help achieving these goals, that's what we're here for. 
We want you to be success and work on the right things. Accountability is the way to get what you're working so hard for.
Biannual In Person Weekend Intensives
This is where we get into the real work!
During these two weekend long business development intensives, we'll get crystal clear on 4 areas.

Sales- How to communicate your unique value to your potential clients. We teach you how to sell the right way, this one area can double your business revenue in 6-12 months.

Marketing- How to get more new patients. We teach you both marketing principles as well as proven marketing systems to plug into your business. Learn how to systematically grow your practice and get the right people in the door.

Processes- Look, if it's just you, you have a job not a business. If you got hit by a bus, what would happen to your revenue? We teach you how to replicate yourself through staff correctly. This allows you to generate more money and have a much time freedom as you want.

People- You can't build a business without other people. I'm sure no one taught you how to hire, develop your culture, define your vision or train people. We've got you covered, even if you don't think you're hiring anytime soon, you need to know this.

You'll get to interact with the other Mastermind members, learn from our all star team of coaches and come away with everything you need to grow your business to 7 figures.
This is your opportunity to implement and have your business worked on personally by Danny and his staff.
Biannual hour long 1 on 1 coaching calls
In between our workshop events, get personalized coaching from our expert team.
We'll jump on a call in between live events to help you set and achieve your quarterly goals.
We also help you problem solve and continually drive you toward the success in business you want.
You had a coach in every sport you ever played. Now you have coaches in the greatest game of all, business!
Access to all digital products
This is a HUGE bonus.
You will have 100% FREE access to any and all digital products we develop for as long as you are a member of the Mastermind.
This is thousands of dollars of additional business knowledge just for being a member of this elite group.
Your Investment For This 12 Month Program
This 12 month mastermind is only for people looking to grow their business by $50,000-100,000 over the next year.

This program will completely change the way you look at business and how you are able to run/grow your business.

The average cost of an MBA is $35,000. Most people think this is what they need to do in order to get a better understanding of business. This will teach you theory and that's useless without application.

This mastermind is not designed to just teach you theory. We will give you specific guidance on how to actually take your business to the next level and help you along the way.

I'll be sharing exactly what we've learned in my business over the past 5 years. Private consulting clients of mine pay $30,000 a year for access to me and my team.

In order to make it accessible to all cash physical therapy entrepreneurs, even new ones, the program is just $1200 a month.

There is limited availability in this program so don't be surprised if you are placed on a waitlist. 

Click the application button below to fill out the application and a member of our team will schedule a time to talk and see if you're the right fit for this group.
Click below to fill out an application for the mastermind waitlist
Once you fill out the application, we will contact you once there is an opening in the group. 
A 20-30 minute long interview call is required as the final step in acceptance into the mastermind.